The Addictive Blog Award


A thousand thank yous go out to my girl cowboysandcrossbones because she recently nominated me for “The Addictive Blog Award.” I am SO excited and not to mention FLATTERED that people out there are obsessed with reading my blog! A compliment from a fellow blogger (and animal lover) like cowboysandcrossbones is such a huge thing for me! It’s amazing to think how much blogging can make the world seem like a smaller place.

Cowboysandcrossbones is a bubbly southern bell who adores her cat Teddy, creating fun (and cute) DIY projects, and everything that sparkles (and the color pink)! Make sure to take a look and her FAB blog!

I personally started blogging because I wanted a creative outlet I could share with the world. I have always loved design, fashion and art and a blog is a perfect way to showcase these interests! I learned virtually everything I know from the blogging extraordinaire Damsel in Dior. I began interning for her this past summer and have grown so much from it! I am so thankful to have been introduced (and taught) how to blog!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and followed my blog thus far. It been an incredible journey and It’s great to know that others are here to encourage you and understand the work you put into blogging.

Stay Stylish,

x Aly

Award Rules:

1. Thank the person awarding you – Please see the FABULOUS cowboysandcrossbones
2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started
3. Paste the blog award on your page
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award

Here are the blogs I currently find ADDICTIVE:




Carly Sarah 






stalker in Style 

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