Today marks the first day of the second week of school for me and I’m already starting to feel like this girl! Not only am I in my third year of college, I’m starting at a new school and commuting 45 minutes (both ways) every day in LA traffic. I also volunteered to be the A&E Editor for the newspaper at the school which I am thrilled about but also a bit overwhelmed. I also just started a new restaurant job this weekend at a place that is generally always packed (and poppin) and working really long hours. I also am in the process of putting together a sched for Damsel in Dior who will be attending NYFW just around the corner! So much is on my plate but I’m trying to stay positive! I’m actually on my way to go look at a friend’s Fall collection right now! Have a good week everyone!

Xx Aly

4 thoughts on “TOO MUCH”

  1. hahaha Aly! A lot of work I see… Well, take this tip: Keep calm and… you know: drink tea, go shopping, eat cupcakes… […] Good Luck with all, keep in touch

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