Cadaqués: A Hidden Treasure

While in Spain, I stayed with my friend friend Laura Roca of ROCAVENEN as I mentioned before. She invited me on the final weekend of me staying there to meet up with her family in the town called Cadaqués located in the provence of Girona on the Mediterranean Sea. The town is about a three hour drive from Barcelona around a mountain with sheer cliffs making it slightly difficult for people to get to (this journey also weeds out a lot of tourists there).

I not only wanted to visit the town of Cadaqués because I had heard of its amazing beauty, but I also knew that the artist Salvador Dalí, had a residence there for most of his life. I have studied him a lot and know that the unique beauty of Cadaqués inspired much of if not all of his artwork.

Here are a few snaps taken in the hidden and perfectly tranquil paradise of Cadaqués.


Laura took this of me on a perfect day wearing traditional shoes from Catalonia, they cost 8 EURO.


The main playa in Cadaqués.


The views are incredible there. I don’t think you can take a bad photo.


This photo doesn’t even do justice to the stark contrast between the bright white walls and vibrant flowers.


Salvador Dalí’s house and personal cove on the back side of Cadaqués called Port Lligat.


Backside of Dalí’s house surrounded by olive trees.



Let’s just day it was REALLY hard to leave…


xx Aly

A New Chapter

WOW! What a crazy past few months it has been! Unfortunately, when I was in Spain I was too busy truly living the adventure to keep up my blog. (I apologize) but, I can certainly now share the wonderful photos and moments I was able to capture while on my life-chaning experience abroad.

While there I stayed mostly in Madrid, España where I attended Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. I also had the chance to explore Valencia, Granada, Toledo, Segovia, Barcelona, Cadaqués and Girona (all cities in Spain). I also visited Porto, Portugal and of course, Paris, France!

In the last two weeks of my trip I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to stay with my dear friend Laura Roca of ROCAVENEN (who I met through blogging) and her extremely gracious and welcoming family in Barcelona. Learning to live like a true Spaniard and feel like I was part of the family was an invaluable experience and easily the best part of my trip!

I got back from my trip a month ago today just in time to start school at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. I am studying Fashion Marketing and Communications and couldn’t be happier. I see starting back in LA again is a new experience and adventure (it’s not a bad place to call home). Although, I do miss España TERRIBLY. I love LA (my first home) but my heart is back in España.

Aquí están fotos de mi viaje a Europa! Gracias para visitas mi blog!

(Here are photos from my trip to Europe! Thank you for visiting my blog!)

*Please note all these photos were taken by me unless otherwise specified


Madrid, outside the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia where the amazing

Salvador Dalí exhibit was on display.


My friends walking in Retiro Park, one of our favorite places in Madrid.


 Banco de España, one of the busiest places in Madrid.


The incredible ancient city of Toledo (one hour outside of Madrid).


Me enjoying a sweet sip in Barcelona by la playa.


Amigas enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in Valencia.


And for the finale… The Eiffel Tower…

Until we meet again… Besos



¡Viva España!


Tomorrow I embark on a journey of a lifetime to Madrid, Spain. I will be studying art, spanish and photojournalism for the whole summer! I am also lucky enough to visit my friend Laura en Barcelona after my program is over! Check out her blog here about travel

Follow my blog here as I try to keep it as updated as possible about my endeavors abroad! 

xx Aly 

Spain 2013

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I have been neglecting my blog for the past few months due to being extremely busy with school, work, etcetera. However, I am very excited to announce that  I will be studying for the summer in Madrid, Spain.  I will be taking classes in art history, photo journalism, and of course Spanish!

I am hoping that this trip revives my love of blogging and I can share some of my experiences with all of you here. I just purchased a great new digital camera (Canon Rebel T5i) that I plan to take with me so I can properly blog fashion, food, site seeing and much more!

I leave in a little less than a month so stay updated for photos and fun!

xx Aly