A San Diego Weekend















This weekend I was lucky enough to have some time off to go visit some good friends down in San Diego. S.D. is by far one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to and I have so many good memories there from when I was younger. Although this weekend I did a lot of the things there I’ve done before, it was even more special sharing the experiences with close friends. We also had a friend visiting from Korea so it was fun taking him around and showing him all the really touristy places (that we don’t normally go to). While there we visited Downtown San Diego (the Gas Lamp has great nightlife), we also got to see some great costumes from the Comic Con going on, Hotel Del Coronado (a must see), many different beaches (the ones in Carlsbad were my faves) and we sampled many different “authentic burritos” including the Cali Burrito at Los Panchitos in Downtown S.D. Some other things we didn’t get a chance to do, but I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND are: exploring Balboa Park (there’s nothing like it), visiting the Wild Animal Park (it’s way better than the zoo and you feel like you’re really on a safari), and of course Sea World!

Happy Travels! 🙂

8 thoughts on “A San Diego Weekend”

  1. Looks like you had a such a fun weekend! Thanks for the info on places to visit btw, I’m also planning a trip to San Diego soon!

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