Ombre Obsessed

Since the beginning of summer I’ve been letting my dark roots take control over my once perfectly highlighted strands. Although my roots are a mere dark blonde, they ┬ápresent an extreme contrast to my previously pedicured locks. I have accidentally fallen into the trend of a ombre hairstyle and am in LOVE! I have decided to let my hair keep growing and let my real color shine thru. It’s almost like a liberation, not having to go to the salon every six weeks to get a “weave of highlights.” It saves me lots of time (and $$$ money).

Above I showed some of my favorite ombre styles that my hair will hopefully grow into (without color assistance). My favorite styles are with blonde to medium based roots. Really dark brown/black looking roots contrasting with bleach blonde tips are much too drastic and they distract from the natural beauty and shape of your face. Ombre styles should be a gradual change in color, giving a more natural (face framing) look instead of someone who just dipped their dark hair in a bucket of bleach. My favorite is Drew’s style above, I love how versatile her ombre is and the fact that she can still have her hair completely styled or wild and doesn’t give a s**t about the color. I also love that SJP pioneered this look back on Sex & the City without even knowing it! (call that a risk taker). Lastly I adore Alexa’s short ombre, it’s such a fresh, unexpected take on the look! The easy going look of ombre hair is much more approachable than an uppity blonde and I recommend it to any one looking to take a risk!