Did Diane Take It TOO Far?


Although I have always loved and admired the gorgeous Diane Kruger for her impeccably chic style and acting abilities, this picture has me feeling a bit unsettled. Although Kruger looks magnificent in this dress by Nina Ricci at Cannes, she looks like part of her is missing. Like a good 15 lbs! After seeing this photo, I looked at other recent photos of the actress and was rudely awakened that she looks sickeningly thin.

I understand the pressure to be thin in Hollywood. A well known Hollywood expert and reporter (who I will not name) once told me, “When you’re happy, that means you’re fat. When you’re unhappy that means you’re at the weight you want to be.” It’s so sad that this is what our Hollywood sirens (and role models) have become. The fact is you can choose to cave and be ultra thin or to be your own person and HEALTHY. I myself, am trying to drop some lbs. but have done so in a healthy way. Starving yourself and having a possible eating disorder, is not healthy or good for your body. Please see a registered dietician or nutritionist if you want to learn how to lose weight properly. Remember HEALTHY is HAPPY. Being THIN IS NOT always the key to happiness.



I mentioned in my last post I would be delving more into Gwen Stefani’s style and here is what I came up with. A compilation of some of my favorite looks she has sported on the streets, in magazines and of course on the red carpet. Her perfect accessory is always her hot hubby or one of her adorable children.

Here I chose outfits that truly embody what it means to be Gwen Stefani. She tends to wear dark colors, houndstooth, animal print, leather and lots and lots of red lipstick. My favorite thing about her, is that she is fearless when it comes to fashion. She takes fashion risks even while at the grocery store or running errands with the fam. She hasn’t let mother hood tone down or dampen her style. Let’s be honest here, I envy the fact that she’s a lead singer of a great band, has an incredibly hot husband, flawless abs, can pull off a red pout any day of the week and that she is always oozing with amazing self confidence. Every woman (and man) should strive for this kind of confidence. It says “I am myself and you can love me or hate me, I don’t really care either way.” Gwen is an icon not only because of her constant ability to be stylish, she is also a role model because she is so fearless.

Stay Stylish.

X Aly

Gorgeous Gwen

  It’s no secret that Gwen Stefani is the ultimate fashionista. She has been one of my most worshipped idols since I was 9 years old. Growing up, I admired Gwen’s ability to “get down with the boys” while still looking flawless. She made it okay to be a (hot) girl in a world where men dominated, and did so without smearing her perfect red lips. I have followed Gwen’s career from the pink hair in the mid 90s, to the launch of her solo career, to being the designer of L.A.M.B., all the way to today where she is a hot rocker mom who just released the new single “Settle Down” with NO DOUBT!

  Above, the forever gorgeous gal is wearing her new fav Kelly Wearstler Pink Leather Jacket. She has been spotted wearing the jacket all around town but this pairing with the navy polka dot pants has me envying the platinum babe.

  More to come on Gwen! Be on the lookout! 😉

Ombre Obsessed

Since the beginning of summer I’ve been letting my dark roots take control over my once perfectly highlighted strands. Although my roots are a mere dark blonde, they  present an extreme contrast to my previously pedicured locks. I have accidentally fallen into the trend of a ombre hairstyle and am in LOVE! I have decided to let my hair keep growing and let my real color shine thru. It’s almost like a liberation, not having to go to the salon every six weeks to get a “weave of highlights.” It saves me lots of time (and $$$ money).

Above I showed some of my favorite ombre styles that my hair will hopefully grow into (without color assistance). My favorite styles are with blonde to medium based roots. Really dark brown/black looking roots contrasting with bleach blonde tips are much too drastic and they distract from the natural beauty and shape of your face. Ombre styles should be a gradual change in color, giving a more natural (face framing) look instead of someone who just dipped their dark hair in a bucket of bleach. My favorite is Drew’s style above, I love how versatile her ombre is and the fact that she can still have her hair completely styled or wild and doesn’t give a s**t about the color. I also love that SJP pioneered this look back on Sex & the City without even knowing it! (call that a risk taker). Lastly I adore Alexa’s short ombre, it’s such a fresh, unexpected take on the look! The easy going look of ombre hair is much more approachable than an uppity blonde and I recommend it to any one looking to take a risk!