The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

My gorgeous friend (and fellow blogger) Carly Caumiant has graciously honored me with a nomination for the Liebster Award and I couldn’t be more excited!

The Liebster Award:

“The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.”

The Rules:

If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
Tag 11 more Bloggers.
Tell the people you tagged that you did.
No tagging back.
The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.
So let us begin!

Eleven Things About Me:

1. I love to sing more than almost anything in the world

2. I used to be a Musical Theater major in college but am now majoring in Journalism (and couldn’t be more happy)

3. I am meant to live in the city. I was born and raised in LA (where I live now), but NY is my higher calling

4. I am OBSESSED with dogs. Sandy my Pembroke Welsh Corgi in particular (and Boo the famous Pomeranian)

5. I come from an extremely musical family/background and have taken lessons/played the Piano, Guitar, Flute and Voice.

6. I have a little sister named Sarah who I believe is a better version of myself (you may have seen her pics on my blog)

7. I live and breathe fashion. It’s one of my greatest passions but I wouldn’t say it completely defines me as a person (I plan on becoming a fashion journalist or something in the field in the future)

8. People usually think I’m a lot older than I am (I’m only 19)

9. I love to draw, write and paint. Basically to be able to channel what I’m feeling into an art form

10. My mother was diagnosed as terminally/chronically ill several years ago. Which I would not like to say it is something that defines me, but I count my blessings with her everyday.

11. I’m new to blogging and have learned everything I know from Damsel in Dior (who I currently am interning for)

Questions From Carly:

1. What is your greatest passion? Anything artistic or creative, probably a tie between music and fashion 
2. What is your most favorite band of all time? (be honest, guilty pleasures count too)
Elton John hands down. Between his music and outrageous costumes, what’s not to love? 
3. Do you have siblings or are you an only child?
I have one younger sister who’s 6 years younger than me. Im very protective of her and love her probably more than anything in the world
4. What was your favorite pass time as a child?
To paint. I started taking “art lessons” when I was probably 4 years old
5. What is your favorite subject to study in school?
Tie between Art and Writing class
6. What do you want to be when you “grow up”? (this applies to bloggers of all ages, you may already be doing it!)
I would love to either be a fashion writer for a magazine (like Vogue) or a correspondent/anchor on Good Morning America (I can dream can’t I) 
7. What do you love most about yourself?
I love that I can stay positive and upbeat in some of the toughest situations 
8. How do you take your coffee (or tea)?
Two packs of equal sugar and a splash of milk. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra sweet I’ll take some creamer as well
9. Do you enjoy county fairs, why/why not?
OH MY GOD NOOO. Backstory enter: when I was growing up I raised rabbits and guinea pigs to show in the fair (sad truth). Long story short I never want to go back again. Between the carnies, crummy food and smell of the animals, you won’t catch me near one probably ever. 
10. Art or sports?
Although I did both in high school (played water polo, was in drama, art, music, etc.) I would have to choose Art 
11. If you could paint your house any color… ?
Right now I’m really loving the light teal/aqua color that’s popular so maybe if I ever live in SF or Italy (where this color is acceptable) it will happen

Eleven Questions for My Nominees:

1. What is your favorite movie?

2.What is your most favorite song of all time? (be honest, not cool)

3. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever been?

4. Have you ever been in love?

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

6. What do you want to be when you “grow up”? (this applies to bloggers of all ages, you may already be doing it!)

7. What is one major flaw you possess? How would you change it?

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?

9. Would you rather go on a hike or shop a sale at Nordstrom?

10. Right now are you watching the Olympics or Gossip Girl?

11. What shoes are you wearing right now?

And last but certainly not least, my Nominees!


His Fashion Blog 


A Girl Named Spark…

Lanvin Does “Real People”


For Lanvin’s new Fall line, the Parisians made a bold choice to use “real people” to model their luxe line. Among the chosen ones include bloggers, stylists, wardrobe consultants, photographers, designers and dancers. Read about all the “real people” models here.  Above, I chose some of my favorite photographs from this extremely refreshing (and glamorous) shoot. To see people being acknowledged in pictures for their accomplishments instead of just what they look like is like a gust of fresh air in an otherwise extremely stagnant and un-diverse industry. Hopefully this bold move made by  Lanvin, will help other brands do a similar campaign. Bravo Lanvin!

Summer Garden Party

Vintage Tracy Reese Top/ Nordstrom Trousers (from last winter)/ Zara Clutch/  Anthropologie Earrings/ Grandmother’s Vintage Gold Watch/ Aldo Heels.

Tonight I thought I’d put together a look for a “summer garden party.” I used some of my favorite pieces (and a new photo editor) to show what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

Pretty Polka Dots

  Last week I was lucky enough to get together with my gal pal Courtney Baird to take a few snaps of her sassy style! I love her look here, she wears an ADORABLE navy polka dot print skirt, paired with a girlie slit sleeved top and floral sandals. This look is perfect for summer without trying too hard!

Long Sleeve Top/ Polka Dot Skirt (similar here)/ Floral Sandals (similar here).

A Day at the Ranch

CAbi Military Jacket (similar here)/ Stripped Tee/ Jeans/ Boots (similar here).

Today started off as a fun one, seeing as I got to go watch my sister Sarah ride during lessons. Today was her first day jumping (which was a big deal). While she road I snapped pics and made some new horse friends! What a great way to start the day!

Back to School Preview


CAbi Blazer (similar here) / Old Navy Graphic Tee/  Old Navy Jeans/ Flower Pin (similar here)/ Black Suede Boots (similar here).

As the smell of Fall begins to slowly waft through the air, so does the phenomenon of back to school shopping. It is always so important to be wearing the cutest outfit possible on the first day of school that says, “hey, let’s be friends.” Can an outfit really say that you ask? Yes, yes it can. Here, my sister Sarah models a potential look for young teenage girls entering their early high school years. Sarah is photographed in Ventura, California,  where the fall weather will be the same as it was in the summer (65-75 and sunny) so having heavy jackets and fall pieces are extremely impractical. Instead Sarah wears a light weight blazer that can be taken off to reveal a cute graphic tee! Many of her favorite back-to-school basics are available at Old Navy where affordable clothing and great style go hand in hand! (no I am not an advertisement I just really do love Old Navy).

More to come later on shopping for school as it nears time to hit the books again!



I mentioned in my last post I would be delving more into Gwen Stefani’s style and here is what I came up with. A compilation of some of my favorite looks she has sported on the streets, in magazines and of course on the red carpet. Her perfect accessory is always her hot hubby or one of her adorable children.

Here I chose outfits that truly embody what it means to be Gwen Stefani. She tends to wear dark colors, houndstooth, animal print, leather and lots and lots of red lipstick. My favorite thing about her, is that she is fearless when it comes to fashion. She takes fashion risks even while at the grocery store or running errands with the fam. She hasn’t let mother hood tone down or dampen her style. Let’s be honest here, I envy the fact that she’s a lead singer of a great band, has an incredibly hot husband, flawless abs, can pull off a red pout any day of the week and that she is always oozing with amazing self confidence. Every woman (and man) should strive for this kind of confidence. It says “I am myself and you can love me or hate me, I don’t really care either way.” Gwen is an icon not only because of her constant ability to be stylish, she is also a role model because she is so fearless.

Stay Stylish.

X Aly

Gorgeous Gwen

  It’s no secret that Gwen Stefani is the ultimate fashionista. She has been one of my most worshipped idols since I was 9 years old. Growing up, I admired Gwen’s ability to “get down with the boys” while still looking flawless. She made it okay to be a (hot) girl in a world where men dominated, and did so without smearing her perfect red lips. I have followed Gwen’s career from the pink hair in the mid 90s, to the launch of her solo career, to being the designer of L.A.M.B., all the way to today where she is a hot rocker mom who just released the new single “Settle Down” with NO DOUBT!

  Above, the forever gorgeous gal is wearing her new fav Kelly Wearstler Pink Leather Jacket. She has been spotted wearing the jacket all around town but this pairing with the navy polka dot pants has me envying the platinum babe.

  More to come on Gwen! Be on the lookout! 😉

A San Diego Weekend















This weekend I was lucky enough to have some time off to go visit some good friends down in San Diego. S.D. is by far one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to and I have so many good memories there from when I was younger. Although this weekend I did a lot of the things there I’ve done before, it was even more special sharing the experiences with close friends. We also had a friend visiting from Korea so it was fun taking him around and showing him all the really touristy places (that we don’t normally go to). While there we visited Downtown San Diego (the Gas Lamp has great nightlife), we also got to see some great costumes from the Comic Con going on, Hotel Del Coronado (a must see), many different beaches (the ones in Carlsbad were my faves) and we sampled many different “authentic burritos” including the Cali Burrito at Los Panchitos in Downtown S.D. Some other things we didn’t get a chance to do, but I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND are: exploring Balboa Park (there’s nothing like it), visiting the Wild Animal Park (it’s way better than the zoo and you feel like you’re really on a safari), and of course Sea World!

Happy Travels! 🙂

Flats on Flats on Flats

These FAB flats are all great for summer and will transition beautifully into the early fall. I love flats because they can instantly dress up any plain outfit and make it special!

Flats Clockwise: Sperry Top-Sider houndstooth moccasins /  Joan & David pink + orange / Marc Jacobs Sequined Loafer  / Steve Madden Blue Suede / Gold Snake Print